Handeffects demoreel

I choose my favorite works from last six years and fit them into 45 second video.

        For the most part this is local advertising projects which i cant consider as an masterpiece but never the less they done with all my passion and the final result is mostly my own achievement as TD and artist. The most lovely projects are:
Printed calendar and augmented reality video for commercial bank KASPI.
        The idea was to show 12 districts with different bank-related situations in abstract city. We decide to make it looks like paper maquette from various color sheets. Final scene consist of 1800 objects and only one shader. With a help of Arnold by using shape attributes it was quite easy to make texture and color variation individual for each object keeping scene extremely clean. Tools written for this project i'm using in further tasks developing general 3D pipeline.

Bender get render. Personal project — 3D version of Futurama.

        This is my workhorse for testing renders, scripts, improving pipeline, self educating etc. Despite of fact that it may never be finalized a lot of techniques and stuff from it where used in commercial production. Here is some Bender get render WIPs.

Legend of Nian or Save the 365 day.

        Chinese animation film with small international team leaded by Mark Pinheiro involved in production during final stage. Problem solving in editing, grading, 3D rendering and compositing. For me it was awesome experience in finding mistakes and rendering wired scenes, working with a team speaking alien language, learning unusual way of thinking. Behind the stage.

Saxana: Little Witch on a Broomstick — czech movie with a lot of 3D characters and CG environments.

        I was hired as fur rendering artist for this project but close to deadline i did a bit more tasks. The movie was rendered with Mentalray and fur has to be separated from main render layer.To finalize more than 300 shots with fury characters in descent time we has to avoid raytracing. After some research we confirm appropriate way of rendering fur with passes for this movie. Lighting-Rendering TD Francisco Paim inspire me to start writing MEL scripts, working with amazing team gives a huge push of 3D skills so its one of the favorite job i have done.