Animation DNA

What is Animation DNA?
Animation DNA is an example project for Maya > Arnold > Nuke pipeline which could be used as template for any full CG project — from a single shot to a whole 3D animation feature film.
In other words, Animation DNA is out of the box pipeline for animation studio (or for a single person). It define main and most important pipeline actions and could be easily refined according to requirements of a particular project.

The core of Animation DNA is a database — it contains all information you need to create and manage film production. There are two types of database could be used with Animation DNA:
- simple text file in JSON format
- complex project management system FTrack

How to use Animation DNA?
The workflow:
- Extract DNA.rar to a folder with projects, rename root to a project name.
Setup database
Make shots

As an option, you can use some of Animation DNA tools exclusively, without linking to the whole pipeline system. For example, Asset Manger and Render Manager has many functions, useful if you rendering with Arnold. In this case just put Animation DNA scripts into Maya scripts folder andrun Maya with wrpapper

Animation DNA documentation
This wiki is Animation DNA documentation. It consists from three main parts:
Quick start tutorial — easy way to get in
Codex DNA — full description of pipeline
Animation DNA tools — specification of pipeline tools

To understand principles of Animation DNA pipeline you need to reed Codex DNA which define terms, describe overall pipeline logic and has particular instructions for each stage of production.

Gist and features
Main principle of Animation DNA is simplicity which could be extended to a more complex systems at any required stage. According to progressive workflow algorithm Animation DNA is a basement which drive production to the first final result with a minimum effort.

Features of Animation DNA:
- elaborated basement of information and processes structuring, which allow flexible extension
- suitability for small or big projects
- drive creation of VFX content for each shot from the database. This mean that project management team builds shots entering all necessary information in FTrack and artists can focus only at creative side of work.
- recording of key steps of production in database
- reliable and easy outsourcing of animation

Additional data
Animation DNA includes tutorials related to 3D animation production (e.g. basics of PyMel developing, Arnold tips, cinematography notes etc), useful Maya scenes with material and lighting library, textures, models etc.